Publicity and Promotion

Any public activity of this nature, if you are going to justify your time, needs to result in some publicity.

Promoting Web Processing Service

Promoting the WPS specification:
  • Simplicity and Viability - specification can be implemented
  • Capability - ability to work with real world data and processing tasks
  • Interoperability - demonstrate implementations successfully communicating

Oppertunities for promotion:
  • Press Release
  • Blog Posts
  • Presentation
    • FOSS4G Presentation
    • Webcast or similar
  • Whitepaper

Promoting Participants Products

Keep in mind that different projects will have different goals for publicity.
  • Users are the primary goal of promotion
  • To attract sales (in the form of product sales, support sales )
  • To attract investment or research grants
  • To attract additional resources (in the form of developers, funding, and functionality)

Oppertunities for promotion:
  • Press Release
  • Blog Posts
  • Presentation
    • FOSS4G Presentation
    • Webcast or similar
  • Whitepaper

Quality Assurance


WPS specification lacks any kind of compliance testing at this time. A results of participating in the WPSBakeOff is a chance to verify your implementation is up to the standards required for interopertability and competitive with other players in the market.


A baseline for participation in the "wms shootout" has been the assurance that improvements made during the activity eventually make their way back into the hands of real users.

This is a sensible precaution and one we should adopt here.


In the "wms shootout" this has actually been a secondary concern with the option to not publish performance numbers.

The ability benchmark your application should not be under rated, however we need to trust each organisations direction in the use of any results. This has been particularly noticeable when testing on different platforms in the past.


The ability to test interoperability with a range of clients and servers.

The "TIE Matrix" has been a feature of OGC Testbed activities for many years. A simple spreadsheet showing which servers can work with which clients. This is further complicated for the web processing service by the fact that with "chaining" servers are also clients of each other.



  • feature list
  • integration
  • supported operations


Usability can take a couple of forms, and is a difficult concept to compare in a bake-off.
  • service configuration and maintenance activities
  • usability of the resulting service
  • description and documentation
  • troubleshooting facilities


Usability for developers:
  • Language used
  • Simplicity of API used to define a process
  • Availability of debugging facilities such as logs, debugger
  • developer support


Avenues for support:
  • Commercial support contract, phone support
  • Documentation, forums, IRC channels, issue tracker

-- JodyGarnett - 06 Feb 2011
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