This page is closely correlated with WPSBakeOffObjectives with the focus here being a chance to discuss, define and schedule activities for the WPSBakeOff.

Please populate this page with ideas, we will group them into categories as needed, and then decide what we have time for this year.


Please add your thoughts to the following activities, we will gather the results up into separate pages once we have shortlisted the activities to be performed this year.

Panel Discussion

The following questions are really designed for light entertaininment and to give everyone a chance to express enthusiasm for both WPS and their product. While wms-shoot out participation is not requried; it does give you a chance to answer more questions (rather than just supply a "no comment").

General Approach: we have a 30 mins slot; the idea is to use up 15 mins of it for panel; and open up the floor to questions. I am going to list the following questions and ask people to stick a +1 on the ones they like.

Q: Please introduce yourself; and when did you get started with WPS?

(This is a chance to introduce yourself; who you work for; and establish your enthusiasm / experience for web processing service.)

Q: Tell us about your community - when did the project start and how many active developers are there?

(This is a chance to mention your project; the specific questions are there to keep the answer short)

Q: What new feature are you most excited about?

(This is a chance to indicate your project is active)

Q: Example of Chaining: What do you find diffcult to explain about WPS? The next person will answer ...

(This is just a bit of fun; try for something difficult to watch the next person suffer)

Q: What feature are you looking forward to in WPS 2.0?

(This gives a good indication that the specification is under active development and has a future)


  • Making services available for testing does not require everyone use the same hardware; we can use demo services already deployed


  • This is the industry standards for complienance testing
  • It is not available to all participants
  • We may need need to consider either an alternate tool; or a volunteer willing to run tests as servers are updated
  • Testing tool, mentioned by JimGroffen, similar to JUnit for XML Services and compliance testing used to test WFS Profiles
  • Available in each distribution of the LibXML2 package, cross-platform and worldwide know as the RedHat XML library and then Gnome XML library.
  • Initial conversation on IRC shows that it performs "deeper" tests then XML Spy and may show the limits of the specification


This is the focus of the shoot out; it will particularly stress clients and services that perform chaining.


We have had a couple meetings now with requests for both hardware and tests to use for benchmarking. JimGroffen has kindly outlined some tests to perform; and the meeting has provided a couple samples to consider for both vector and raster data.

Prior Experience

Can we ask that participants in the "wms shootout" or "ogc testbed" jot down some guidance here:

wms shootout:
  • we should not bite off more than we can chew, focus on establishing the amount of resources teams have available and set activity accordingly
  • what did you learn? add to this list ...
  • google spreadsheet and google docs is much easier than Twiki for collecting results
  • respect limitations each team is under, particularly with respect to any performance results collected * consider making some activities optional
  • use real data
  • did you take part? please add to this list and help direct this effort ...
  • access to a common hardware platform is difficult and requires some support
ogc testbed:
  • it is important to stand up servers early, in order to give clients a chance to participate in a meaningful manner
  • it is important to make clients available to server implementors so they can reproduce any difficulties encountered during testing
  • did you take part? please add to this list and help direct this effort ...
  • allowing participants to set up, or use there existing, services is a great boon to start testing quickly!
wps compliance testing:
  • did you take part? please add to this list and help direct this effort ...
-- JodyGarnett - 06 Feb 2011
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