FOSS4G 2011 Presentation Abstract (Accepted)

Titile: WPS Shootout


Web Processing Service is one of the hottest new areas of server side development. So hot in fact that that we got in a bit of trouble last year (brawls in the halls, raised voices and a certain lack of fashion sense).

On a more serious note we are really pleased to offer a panel format discussion with leaders from a selection of key web processing service providers.
  • 52N - Bastian Schäffer
  • deegree - TBD
  • GeoServer - Andrea Amie
  • GeoTools - Jody Garnett
  • PyWPS - Jachym Cepicky
  • ZOO-project - Gérald Fenoy
Several of the projects have been able to participate in a “wps-shootout” on interoperability. This is a particularly tough subject as each server is responsible both for advertising processes, but also has an opportunity to schedule the work of other servers. Come and see how they all did (or did not!) function.

Web Processing Service offers an opportunity for your organisation to make use of the web not just for data publication; but also for analysis and modeling. WPS offers a great solution allowing GIS to finally be used in a modern service oriented architecture with applications ranging from climate modeling through to simple GIS functionality for web applications.

Attend this talk for an entertaining discussion on the state of play in the wps market today. There will be an opportunity for questions.


The “execute process” posse has arrived in the west on a mission of peace. To honor the parlay pistols are to remain holstered. Discussion will be moderated by a neutral third party.

- WPS Bake-off

FOSS4G-2011 Presentation Abstract (Draft)

Title: WPS-Bakeoff


This presentation aims to compare Proprietary and OpenSource WPS solutions available nowadays.

OGC WPS will be introduced, key advantages on using this specification in real world will be quickly presented and all the available solutions will then be listed and quickly discribed. For each WPS solutions which participate to the effort, the members of each team will give their thoughts about what is the key "value-added" by the solution he/she works on. The idea here is not to be too long presenting each features of each WPS implementations but more to give some key point. This would take form of questions asked by the main presenter (which should be out of implementer teams, I mean, at least on stage) to each project representant when the solutions was listed, the team member will then answer what he think as the key-point of the solution he represent.

So, as now the attendees are understanding better what is WPS, why using it, what are the solutions available on the market and their key features, we can move on to the Solutions comparison.

First of all, the goals of such a comparison will be described. The history of the WPS-BakeOff will be presented, discussion about what kind of comparison and tests cases was used and why they've been choosen from the initial proposal set. Details about how the WPS-BakeOff happened, which infrastructure was used as test servers, then details on how the comparison was made is described.

Then, the results are presented to the attendees, each team can make a comment after each result slide was presented by the main speaker on his demand, to explain why the results was this way from their solution, technical details can be quickly given here by implementer.

After all the results have been presented individually, each team member will be able to share with attendees what his/her project get from the WPS-BakeOff effort and what they give to it.

Then, the list of WPS solutions will be ordered using the number points they got for the presented tests. Accent will be made on the fact that the results was the current state of the comparison at a given date (displayed) and for the tests described which sounds as the most relevant to the community which participate to the effort.

As conclusion, each team will present what was the improvements their solution made since this date and what are their future plans to make their solutions even better.

Main speaker can then give his own point of view and conclusion and then finish the presentation.

-- GeraldFenoy - 11 Feb 2011

This presentation aims to promote and compare Open Source WPS 1.0.0 implementations available nowadays.

The OGC WPS 1.0.0 specification will be first generally introduced, and its assets for providing standardized processing to existing spatial data infrastructures will be enlighten, using a non exhaustive list of potential use cases.

The goals and motivations of the WPS-BakeOff will then be presented, with details on the initial effort between WPS projects and on the infrastructure which was used.
The comparison and testing process use for the BakeOff will then be explained with a special focus on compliancy, interoperability and performance.

The WPS solutions participating to this 'WPS bakeoff' will then be reviewed and quickly discribed. Each team will describe the key features and the assets of the project he/she works on. The main presenter will ask each team representant about key-points and limitations of his/her project. Such a Q&A will allow the attendees to understand WPS better, to get some examples of its use and to know what solutions are available on the market.

Results of the compliancy and performance exercises will be presented to the attendees, and each team representant will be allowed to comment on each slide presented by the main speaker. Technical details can be quickly given here by implementers, along with general thoughts on WPS present and future.

The WPS solutions will be ordered according to the number of points they obtained for the presented tests. After the results have been presented for each team, their representant will comment on what improvements they worked on for the WPS-BakeOff, and which future development plans the WPS-BakeOff has raised for their project.

The main speaker will finally conclude on the benefits of such a Bake-off, and how implementations are getting better toward the WPS 2.0 implementation.

NickBozon - 07 Apr 2011
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