WMO Codes Tables from http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/www/WMOCodes/WMO306_vI2/LatestVERSION/LatestVERSION.html

Text based formats: Manual on Codes Part A

0200 - a Characteristic of pressure tendency during the three hours preceding the time of observation

0204- aC Change in character of the eye during the 30 minutes preceding the time of observation

0935 - Ee Release behaviour over time

1300 - G Period covered by forecast

1400 - g Time of the observations used to compute the reported mean values of geopotential, temperature and humidity

2264 - k3 Duration and time of current measurement (vector or Doppler current profiling method)

2265 - k4 Period of current measurement (drift method)

2590 - MMM Number of Marsden square in which the station is situated at the time of observation

3552 - Rt Time at which precipitation given by RRR began or ended

3590 - RRR Amount of precipitation which has fallen during the period preceding the time of observation, as indicated by tR

4035 - te Time interval over which the movement of the centre or the eye of the tropical cyclone has been calculated

4055 - tw Time of commencement of a phenomenon before the hour of observation

4077 - tt Time before observation or duration of phenomena

zz Variation, location or intensity of phenomena

4232 - ub Unit of time for averaging period or data change period, expressed by tbtbtb

4252 - ut Unit of time for ttt

4451 - vs Ship’s average speed made good during the three hours preceding the time of observation

4700 - X Time of measurement or period of reference and tendency of the element measured, the value of which is indicated by HsHsHsHs or QQQeQ

Format: GRIB (code tables used in section 1)

Code table 1.2Significance of reference time

Format: BUFR ( Code & Flag tables)

0 02 031 - Duration and time of current measurement

0 02 058 - Valid times of first-guess information for GOES-I/M soundings

0 26 010 - Hours included

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