Test Spatio-temporal Datasets Descriptions

This page serves as collector of specific datasets descriptions, with special focus on their temporal profile and their encoding with a GML time reference system. Proposed TemporalCRS URIs/definitions will be hereby proposed, after discussion in the mailing list.


  1. Name : id.
    • Description : general textual description of what the data represent.
    • Phenomenon : what kind of phenomenon is represented: fields/coverages (imagery, temperature predictions), objects/events, moving objects (trajectories).
    • Temporal support : is each observation representative of a time instant or a time interval?
    • Time frequency : the inherent frequency (if present) or reoccurrances patterns of the observations in time: strictly regular, weakly regular (regular+NA), irregular, ....
    • TRS : which is the textual Temporal Reference System that represents time in the dataset: standard, local, civil time?
    • Extension : [start_time, end_time].
    • Precision : required precision of time referencing: hours, days, weeks.


  1. name1
    • Description: ...
    • Phenomenon: ...
    • ...
  2. name2
    • Description: ...
    • Phenomenon: ...
    • ...

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