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Link Test1

Test Anchor for Safari

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Link Anchor Test

Safari Test Anchor Top

include test



This is one method:
  • store results hidden away (in .txt file)
leftbarmainbarrightbar Water 100% (1)
leftbarmainbarrightbar Pizza 100% (1)

The OK button is displayed anytime you have more than one selection box per vote id. (these cannot span tables and have limited configuration options (i.e. all the text would have to replace the area where Food and Drink are, so only one column of data allowed).

Vote Plugins In Tables

  • This is Testy 4
  • This vote keeps the voter secret, but displays the bar:
  • The bar is smaller than above


  • This is Testy 5
  • This vote displays the voter, but hides the bar:
  • No bar, smallest footprint.

Like 100%

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5

We can also save the votes and display them at the bottom of the page. -- FosWiki VotePlugin

more stuff


Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
testy5,Main.KevinStegemoller,2013-07-31 1 testy5=Like 2013-07-31
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