QoSE DWG Work Programme

Priority work topics for 2018

  • QoS metrics and metadata
    • Recommend QoS metrics for OGC Web Services based on the QoS survey results
    • Declared QoS as service metadata (current OGC W*S standards and WFS 3)
  • QoE Discussion Paper / Best Practice
    • Follow-up and dissemination of the QoE Discussion Paper
    • Prepare for drafting of QoE Best Practice based on all the feedback from the Testbed 14 and other sources.

Topics covered in 2017

Pool of Ideas

  • QoS capabilities extensions for WMS, WFS, WCS, SOS, WPS, CSW (started in 2017 for WMS, CSW and WFS)
  • QoS indicators and metrics for WMS, WFS, WCS, SOS, WPS, CSW (started in 2017 for WMS, CSW and WFS)
  • Best practice on ensuring Good Quality of Experience for OGC Web Services (started in 2017 with a discussion paper goal)
    • Documenting current practices amongst the group for QoS and QoE issues with advantages and disadvantages
    • Identifying suitable practices from the wider geo and web industry
    • Using this and further discussions to come up with a best practices document with recommendations for further work / standards work
  • Traffic/message/service prioritisation for OGC Web Services: delivery of the most important messages (for a particular user / use case) first when working with limited bandwidth or high load
    • Case aviation weather messages: "I know that within aviation it will be critical to prioritise data, for examples warnings are clearly more critical than a five day weather outlook. The weather outlook may take the form of a large binary gridded dataset that could potentially 'block' high priority information." (Pete Trevelyan).
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