Met Ocean DWG INteroperability Experiments volunteerings

Answer N° Are you interested in participating in any Interoperability Experiments in the next few months? what resources can you offer? Staff effort, expertise, server, client, hardware, software?
A Sure Expertise
C No. We could be interested in 2010  
D Yes, but I would have to ask which data we can share  
E Yes an offer of resources can not be made so far. This should be discussed in more detail with regard to the requirements
F Yes Limited resources, internet facing WMS / WCS / WFS server with limited dataset a possibility (after security considerations)
G Yes Server+client, Meteorological nearly operational data (maybe radar?) (Data policy and access issues as well as staff resources need to be negotiated)
H Yes Staff effort: yes, but limited. Expertise: yes, but limited. Server: <> Client: Adaguc web-portal; source code can be made available on request. Software: item
I Yes Staff effort: Yes but limited. This should be discussed with regard to the requirements. Security issues : we'll have to set servers in DMZ
J Yes Yes
K Yes We would be able to provide testing and development on a limited scale through our experimental services and viewing via registered users.
L Yes Expertise, ncWMS software (we can modify this to support experiments), test server
M Yes Limited staff effort, expertise (particularly on integrating many providers) and a test environment with a large amount of data
N Yes Limited staff effort and operational data (models outputs, lightning, met-ocean observations...)
O Yes
P Yes, the NWS is interested in participating in a WMS Interoperability Experiment. The NWS would contribute its three Internet facing experimental WMS services
Q Yes Real-time weather data and forecasts via WMS and WCS
R Yes Publicly available real-time weather data and forecasts (NWP, Observations, Satellite...). Server: Visual Weather WebServices edition with WMS & WCS (plus corresponding hw). Client: Visual Weather client & Flex-based WMS RIA client with Dimensions support (incl.2D time). Can contribute also of providing/publishing data of other interested parties

Answer N° Name Organisation Email Phone
A Tom Kralidis Environment Canada  
C Michael Schick EUMETSAT +49 6151 807 447
D Roger Veciana i Rovira Servei Meteorològic de Catalunya (SMC) +34 567 60 90
E Dirk Heizenreder DWD +49 69 8062 2652
E Dr. Jürgen Seib DWD +49 69 8062 2609
F Matt Wardle Met Office  
G Ilkka Rinne FMI  
H Ernst de Vreede KNMI +31 30 2206595
I Frederic Guillaud Meteo-France +33 5 6107 8118
J David Neufeld NOAA NGDC  
K Robert Wilson Australian Bureau of Meteorology  
L Jon Blower University of Reading, UK  
M Mike Grant Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK
N Marcos Hermida MeteoGalicia, Galicia, Spain +34 981 957 461
O Benjamin Chartier Magellium, France benjamin.chartier at
P John Schattel NWS, NOAA 301-713-0056 x111
Q Ben Domenico Unidata - UCAR - NCAR  
R Michal Weis IBL Software Engineering +421 2 3266 2111

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