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Marine Domain Working Group 2 - Agenda and Presentations.

Current Agenda items.
  1. Introductions and Agenda. [ 15 mins ]
  2. Progress for the year [20-30 mins].
    • MDWG activities since Vancouver 2017
    • TC presentations, agendas, joint meetings
  3. Existing pieces of work / commitments
    • Actions from MSDIWG8 - recap
    • Concept Development Study (CDS) on future of MSDI [Sebastian]
    • S-121 progress and Pilot Study [JP]
    • White Paper on IOC reachout including background
    • UNGGIM-Europe review of feature names document
  4. What does tomorrow look like? Changing landscape of stakeholders
    • UN-GGIM development and MGIWG input / representation.
    • MDWG input to review of stds documents
    • IOC. How to take forward the IOC reachout work.
    • AOB
  5. [Lunch]
  6. Presentations ad Updates
    • OGC, Web Services overview and what's new. [Scott]
    • DGGS - Presentation on DGGS and DGGS/OGC status. [Scott - DGGS in general]
    • Link with GEBCO 2030 [AH / Other]
    • Petrobrast [Confirmed]
    • Undersea Cables [JP / Scott]
    • Testbed 14 - Scott
  7. Poll - What "should" we be doing [JP]
    • Summary of areas of future interest
  8. Items from MSDIWG9
    • Deal with action items from MSDIWG9
    • Updates to any of the pieces of work
  9. AOB.
    • ICSU/CODATA - readout from OGC? IHO input, registries? [JP]
Existing Actions from previous MSDIWG meeting:

Action 1/2017: Ref: Action Plan B3- Prepare a White Paper advising of the advantages of adopting standards when developing the MSDI framework

Action 4/2017: Submit a paper to HSSC-10 outlining options for the development of DGGS

Action 9/2017: Prepare a primary use case for Arctic bathymetry SDI

Action 13/2017: Develop and deliver a structured outline Project Plan for identified topic areas with timelines and with identified funding options

Action 14/2017: As part of the MSDIWG annual report to IRCC; recommend that MS, through RHC’s are encouraged to join the OGC Marine DWG.

Task B.3 Identify wider user requirements for bathymetry data (OGC - Actually MDWG)

Task D.1 Identify relevant standards to support MSDI implementation and operation.
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