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The names of OGC Standards have not been restricted so far. As more standards arrive, with possibly duplicate roles, the name of the standard should clearly distinguish new standards from existing standards. The name should also provide a strong hint as to the interoperability problem being addressed by the standard.

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A suggestion has been made that the naming of new standards should be controlled. The question of how and by whom has not been tackled.


This sounds like overengineering. To me it would be sufficient if an improved OAB (see my comment on this) would perform a reality check on the name during its adoption assessment.

-- PeterBaumann - 30 Jun 2013

Peter, To me this is not a 'control issue' but a communication issue. Some standards start with OGC, some start with Open GIS and other start with just their proper names. They need to be unified so that any reader can easily understand that all three come from the same organization.

-- SamBacharach - 31 Oct 2013
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