Topic: Distinguish Specification Role

The OGC should distinguish 'cross-domain' and 'domain specific' standards.

OGC has standards that are specific to a domain (e.g. WaterML) and standards that are cross-domain (e.g. WMS). For domain specific standards, it seems ok to have a small focused group of people in the SWG to define and finalize the standard. For cross-domain standards, the reviews and input should come from a much wider audience.

Other aspects might be stricter for cross-domain standards as well, e.g. the presence of cross-domain implementations, presence of compliance tests, ...

The topic was proposed by FrankSuykens.

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My proposal: - OGC labels standards as domain-specific or cross-domain (existing and new) - SWG charters include this labeling upfront. Naming of standards should reflect their labeling type. - SWG charters for cross-domain standards require a TC e-vote for acceptance of the charter. This ensures/enforces that a majority of TC voters backs the creation of the new standard before the SWG starts with the bulk of the work. The charter should be well written, with a clear purpose and summary and the main working principles (e.g. maintaining strict compatibility with an existing (non-OGC) specification should be part of the charter). - SWG charters for domain specific standards could be set up as they are now

-- TrevorTaylor - 20 Aug 2013
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