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The OGC Health Domain Working Group enables OGC to identify and work with a representative group of market participants in the identification and prioritization of use cases, business and technical requirements that will provide the most significant value, or mitigate the most significant risks in this arena. Through efforts to identify requirements, gaps in standards and opportunities for demonstration, an OGC Health Domain Working Group (OGC Health DWG) contributes to development of open mapping standards in support of health marketplace requirements. Through bringing together geospatial vendors and end-users, the OGC Health DWG helps to cultivate technical solutions which support interoperable concepts, data definitions, formats and services for publishing, search, and exchange of geospatial information. More information on the OGC portal.

This wiki provides information about the current and planned work of the OGC Health DWG.


The OGC Health DWG arranges regular (monthly) teleconferences to advance activities which support members and address geospatial data and web service interoperability needs, as stated in our Charter. The OGC Health DWG workplan is developed with input of the working group members. This may include, but is not limited to, convening the working group around specific issues, identifying opportunities for interoperability demonstration, and strengthening market awareness and adoption of OGC standards in service of health-related needs.


Please join the list-serve for announcements: https://lists.opengeospatial.org/mailman/listinfo/health.dwg

The OGC Health Domain Working Group held a teleconference February 10th, 2014, to help prioritize needs and activities of the Health DWG in 2014.

The OGC Health DWG met during the OGC-TC, March 27th, 2014. A report of the meeting was prepared for the OGC-TC plenary and distributed via the Health DWG listserve. After introductions and update from Chair, there was an introduction to WMO High Impact Weather Research Program and invitation for members of the Health DWG to participate. At the meeting, a motion was successful, to motion the OGC TC to approve the nomination of a co-chair for the Health DWG. Participants discussed at a high-level some of the possible driving scenarios / areas of mutual need (interoperability) that could become the focus of our activities this year, or for future requests for sponsors and interoperability projects/demonstrations. Action items were recorded, including the need to advance cross-SDO activities (e.g. with HL7) and collaboration with other key programs/organizations, and populate this listserve with 'wish-list' items (by Health DWG members).

Details for upcoming OGC Health DWG teleconferences and meetings will be posted here, and in the OGC Member Portal.


OGC Health DWG members are encouraged to add 'wish-list' items here, either by naming / describing them, and/or providing direct links. Resources can also be sent to the Chair for verification / upload.
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