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This web page is dedicated to the (upcoming) GeoScience Domain Working Group.

What is GeoScience?

"Geoscience is the scientific study of planet Earth and its many different natural geologic systems. It includes the study and investigation of Earth’s minerals, soil, water and energy resources: how Earth’s natural systems work today, how they operated in the recent and ancient past, and how we expect they may behave in the future. Geoscience is real-world science, relevant to everyone, everyday.

Our Earth has been around for more than four billion years so there’s a lot of information to work with. Some geoscientists work in a traditional broad area of Earth science like geology, geophysics, geochemistry and environmental geoscience. Others practice geoscience in one of many specialized areas, such as volcanology (volcanoes), paleontology (fossils) or geochronology (age-dating rocks); or they work in a new emerging discipline such as medical or forensic geology. What’s important to remember is that there are many different types of geoscientists and different forms of geoscience practice."

from https://geoscientistscanada.ca/profession-of-geoscience/what-is-geoscience

Upcoming Events

OGC TC St-John - GeoScience DWG session ?

Past Events

OGC TC Delft - ESS DWG session (23/03/2017)
  • Proposal of creation of the GeoScience DWG (F.Robida, on behalf of the proposers)
    • A draft of the DWG charter can be found here.
    • As well as the slides of the presentation.

OGC TC Dublin - Ad-hoc meeting - 3D GeoScience and boreholes (22/06/2016)


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