Geological Survey of Austria
Neulinggasse 38, 1030 Wien, Austria
Monday, 29 May 2017
8:30am - 5:00 pm


  1. Welcome to the meeting and sorting out of any teleconference audio/visual issues
  2. Resignation of the current SWG Chair and election of a new one
  3. New hosting of website (Ollie Raymond)
  4. Status of GeoSciML with OGC (Eric Boisvert)
  5. Previous meeting (Dublin 2016) minutes and actions.
  6. Conversion of the group from a model development SWG into a Change Request management group
  7. Consideration of CRs
    1. Sylvain Grellet, Ollie Raymond (GeoSciML -Lite gml:identifier, gsmlp:identitfier, specification_uri)
    2. any other requests for change
  8. Review of example instance docs and Schematrons (mainly the example instance docs)
  9. Future GeoJSON / RDF encoding of GeoSciML
  10. The future of the GeoSciML borehole standard
    1. cross-domain collaboration with OGC Geoscience DWG, GroundWaterML, Energistics, etc
  11. Progress with developers of client software
    1. ESRI (any developments?)
    2. QGIS AppSchema Toolbox (Sylvain Grellet to report)
  12. Promotional opportunities for GeoSciML
  13. Any other business

Meeting Minutes, Actions

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