Minutes of GeoSciML teleconference - May 13, 2014

Data Model
  • Proposal from Bruce to make MappedFeature more generic so that it could be reused by other domains
    • extend MappedFeature from GFI_Feature, not GeologicFeature
  • Discussion on GeologicHistory (see GeoSciML SWG email trail from Jan 2014) deferred to Tucson meeting in June.
  • Observation method should be made voidable
  • A default term for MappingFrame is needed
    • but no decision as to what that term might be
  • Change "MaterialTerm" to "LithologyTerm"
  • Borehole - add "status" attribute (ie, abandoned, suspended, injecting, etc)
  • Discussion about how to encode the downhole location of samples taken from a borehole
    • can use SF_Specimen/samplingLocation (where you locate the specimen along a borehole curve), or
    • SF_Specimen/parameter/name (where "name" = "downhole depth")
OGC Documentation
  • Confirmed that the OGC documentation for Abstract and Implementation models will both be v4
    • ie, not Abstract v3.2 and Implementation v4
  • Requirements/Conformance classes needed for RockMaterialDetails
  • High level requirements needed for the high level packaging
CGI website
  • need to add members of working groups to the various working group pages

-- OllieRaymond - 21 Oct 2014
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