Meeting notes

Meeting notes for SouthamptonGsmlSwgSept2017

Review of pending action from Vienna

  • New instance documents for GeoSciML lite (DONE)
  • Ollie will email the GA Borehole model diagram and EAP.
  • Send message to GeoScienceDWG regarding collaboration of SWG and DWG
    • postponed because we need clarification from statement in the charter (ESS is umbrella over GeoScienceDWG according to charter)
      • Further clarification during DWG meeting on 14 confirm that DWG is ad hoc, SWG report to TC
  • Tim reported on ESRI implementation
    • shall support GeoSciML 4 Basic by end of the month (serving)
    • available to OneGeology member that use the licence provided for 1G members
    • will circulate emails to Eric / Ollie (done)

New Issue

  • SVN link to ISO-19115-3 is broken (inspire repo)
  • ACTION: poke Simon (done)


RDF / JSON encoding

  • Eric played with ShapeChange to generate RDF and JSON
    • Deck on agenda page
  • IGS worked on Ontology for GeoSciML
    • GeoSciML RDF covers UML classes
    • IGS coves vocabulary (not the model) and attaches it to a couple core GeoSciML classes
    • barely overlap
  • Later discussion with several people confirm that RDF/OWL generated from UML is too UML-y (annoying artefact because the UML is made for XSD)
  • ShapeChange only generate Geoservice JSON
    • JSON-LD is just add @context that maps JSON to RDF, therefore, need RDF to do JSON-LD
  • The idea of have a RDF/Linked interop experiment was suggested
    • need to test RDF (and why bother about RDF)
    • support from NZ, Canada, France, OneGeology, maybe Poland, maybe Australia
    • Eric to start discussion on mailing list.

Borehole EPOS

  • Sylvain presented EPOS status report
  • Artchitecture maintains a central cache based on Borehole-lite and use links to point back to detailed model
  • deck attached to agenda page


  • Sylvain presented ongoing work with consultants to implement GMLAS into GDAL and QGIS plugin to navigate the data
  • impressive demo where QGIS could pull geometries by following link in a GWML2 document

Other items

  • Ran out of time to discuss GeoSciML paper , will do offline
-- EricBoisvert - 14 Sep 2017
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