GML change request overview

The following tables provide an overview over the GML Change Requests submitted to OGC (see

Change requests approved for inclusion into GML 3.3

CR Status
07-112r3: Add ReferenceableGrid Accepted
08-107r1: Add standard XML attributes (1/2) Accepted
08-109: Encoding rule for association class Accepted with modifications
08-111r1: Replace dictionary schema with SKOS Accepted with modifications
08-138: Compact encoding Of circle, arc, rectangle, triangle Accepted with modifications
08-152: TIN support Accepted with modifications
08-155r2: Extensions to UML2XML encoding rule Accepted
08-160r1: MultiPoint Accepted
08-185r1: Clarify asDictionary encoding rule Accepted
09-022: Linear referencing support Accepted with modifications
10-161: Add ReferenceableGridByTransformation Accepted
09-186: TimePosition and ISO 8601 Accepted with modifications

Tabled, obsolete or withdrawn change requests

CR Status
08-112: Encoding rule for UML redefine Tabled, to be withdrawn once 08-155 is part of the approved standard
08-136: defaultStyle.xsd is broken Obsolete, GMLJP2 no longer using defaultStyle
08-154: CityGML extension mechanism Tabled, pending further input; topic referred to OGC TC as it is a general XML and not a GML topic
08-157: rangeType Obsolete, already included in 09-146r1; inclusion into GML will be covered in coverage discussion in preparation of GML 4.0
09-091r1: add ReferencedGridByTransformation Rejected, superseded by 10-161, which has been approved
10-138: add ReferenceableGridByTransformation Obsolete, superseded by 10-161, which has been approved

Open change requests

CR Compatibility Type Status
08-080/08-082: Correct grid cell terms D Minor Open
08-106: Allow double in TimePositionUnion N Bugfix or Major Open
08-107r1: Add standard XML attributes (3) N Major Open
08-108: Add temporal aggregates Y Minor Open
08-110: Clarify identifier usage N Major Open
08-113: Use Xlinks for property metadata N Major Open
08-114: Deprecate various components D/N Minor/Major Open
08-137r2: Schema subsetting scripts N Bugfix Open
08-135r1: AbstractFeatureMemberType XSD N Bugfix Open
08-150r3: Change association to GeneralParameterValue N Major Open
08-151: Coverage encoding approach N/D Major Open
08-153: Reconsider deferred enhancements N Major Open
08-156: Use of schema components outside of GML application schemas Y Minor Open
08-158: Parametric CRS Y Minor Open
08-159: Spatiotemporal support D Minor/Major Open
08-194: CurveInterpolationType D Minor Open
09-023r2: Extend TimeIndeterminateValueType D Minor Open
11-069: Attribute and element with same name cause JAXB compilation error N Bugfix or Major Open
11-132: GmlBase/Dictionary in 3.2.1 need to import DepreciatedTypes N Bugfix Open
12-092: gml:id attribute on LinearRing N or D Bugfix or Minor Open
12-106r1: GML Harmonization with SF, SQL/MM and ISO TC211 ? ? Open
12-120: Clause A.1.1.5 includes non-mandatory constraints Y Bugfix Open
13-020: Values of GML properties Y Bugfix Open

  • Y: Backwards compatible, extensions only
  • D: Backwards compatible, deprecates components
  • N: Not backwards compatible
  • Bugfix: Corrigendum
  • Minor: Minor or major revision
  • Major: Major revision

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