Coverages and Web Coverage Service: the Big Picture

This page gives an overview of the coverage data model and the WCS service suite. -- PeterBaumann - 07 May 2013

OGC coverage data and service standards overview diagram


Coverage specifications (with adoption status)

Coverage data model:
  • core:
    • Coverage Implementation Schema (CIS), aka GML 3.2.1 Application Schema - Coverages (GMLCOV), version 1.0.1, OGC 09-146r2: adopted
    • Coverage Implementation Schema (CIS) document and schema, version 1.1 (adopted, backwards compatible next version of CIS/GMLCOV 1.0); key features (see rationales):
      • renamed GMLCOV to CIS to better reflect contents of the standard (too many people believed GMLCOV is just a GML encoding, while it actually defines interoperable coverage structures in a format-independent way)
      • CIS 1.1 is backwards compatible to CIS/GMLCOV 1.0, and does not require any change to WCS 2.0 (just a formal extension to allow WCS instances serve the new coverage types - this will be accomplished by WCS 2.1)
      • instead of the cumbersome grid distinction of Rectified / Referenceable Grid, various axis types are defined: non-referenced, regular, irregular, etc; these axis types can be combined arbitrarily in a coverage (eg, regular, rectified Lat and Long axes together with an irregular time axis)
      • support for grids as per SensorML 2.0
      • coverages can be partitioned into sub-coverages while still acting as one (eg, in a WCS GetCoverage request)
      • prepared for JSON support (next version)
  • format encoding extensions:
  • ReferenceableGridCoverage Extension-- a proposed extension for GMLCOV 1.0 --
    • is meant as an interim standard [OGC 16-083] until the candidate coverage standard CIS 1.1 becomes official and relevant encoding standards dependent on GMLCOV 1.0 are updated.
      • In particular, GMLJP2 will be updated for CIS 1.1 after ISO 19123 is revised so that they are in-sync.
        • This ISO 19123 revision work will (reportedly) begin in 2017 or 2018.
    • is a strict (and minimal) extension of the current coverage standard, with 4 referenceable grid elements all under a single namespace:
      • ReferenceableGridBySensorModel
        • based on SensorML 2.0 documents
      • The 3 referenceable grid elements adapted from GML 3.3:
        • ReferenceableGridByVectors, ReferenceableGridByArray, and ReferenceableGridByTransformation
        • are adapted in order to avoid a known harmonization conflict between GMLCOV 1.0 and GML 3.3:
          • While the GML 3.3 elements are based on AbstractReferenceableGrid from GML 3.3, ReferenceableGridCoverage must use elements based on AbstractReferenceableGrid from GMLCOV (not from GML 3.3)
            • This is Requirement 14 of GMLCOV 1.0 [OGC 09-146r2]

WCS service model:


Technical resources

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